Amy Schumer Reignites Feud With Hilaria Baldwin in Her New Netflix Special

Left: Amy Schumer; Right: Hilaria Baldwin (Photo: ©PATRICKMCMULLAN.COM)

Amy Schumer Reignites Feud With Hilaria Baldwin in Her New Netflix Special

Comedian Amy Schumer has reopened a feud between her and Hilaria Baldwin, the wife of actor Alec Baldwin, who lives in Amagansett. Schumer claims in her new Netflix special, Emergency Contact which aired on June 13, that Baldwin is “a sociopath” for lying about her Spanish heritage. 

The controversy made headlines back in 2020 when a Twitter thread included descriptions of Baldwin’s family members and pieces of her life that suggest she is not from Spain. 

Schumer remarked to the audience that she had been fortunate enough to have once traveled to Spain and loved it. Schumer then said, “I think what had happened was she [Baldwin] went to Spain … but Hillary from Boston f_____g loved it.”

In fact, Baldwin is from Boston and in Emergency Contact, Schumer goes on to say, “Hilaria from España, is actually Hillary from Boston.” 

In a December 2020 video published by People, Hilaria responded to the allegations that she lied about being from Spain and that she had been faking a Spanish accent. In the video, she said, “I am that person that when I speak a lot of Spanish, I tend to mix them and when I’m speaking more English, then I mix that.”

However, there seems to be some confusion. According to Insider, Alec Baldwin, husband to Hilaria, said in a 2013 David Letterman interview that his wife is from Spain while commenting on a 2020 Instagram post at the time, writing, “You never claimed you were from Spain. You always maintained you were born here.”

Schumer’s comments about Baldwin in Emergency Contact began at around the 38-minute mark of her nearly 51-minute comedy special. Minutes before, Schumer spoke about finding a lifelong partner who can stand anything. 

She related this to Hilaria and Alec Baldwin’s marriage and told the story of how she first met Hilaria, backstage at SNL. Schumer said she remembered Baldwin having a very thick Spanish accent and said Hilaria had introduced herself as being from España