19 Cats, Dogs Seeking Furever Homes for Independence Day

Whether you’re saving a life by adopting a new best friend this weekend or hanging with your existing pet, here are some tips to help ensure their safety this Fourth of July:

Create a comfortable and secure space indoors for your pets to go to during fireworks displays. Close windows, turn on soothing music or sounds and provide them with their favorite toys, bedding, and familiar scents.
More pets end up running away on July 4th than ANY other holiday! Bring pets indoors during celebrations, and make sure all doors, windows, and gates are secure to prevent runaways.
If your pet is prone to anxiety, consult with your veterinarian about calming products such as pheromone sprays, natural supplements, or anxiety wraps designed to provide a sense of security.
Make sure your pets have up-to-date identification such as collars, ID tags and microchipping.
Keep certain foods, alcoholic beverages, glow sticks, and other potentially toxic items away from your pet.
Stay calm! Animals pick up on human emotions, so it’s important to remain calm and relaxed during fireworks displays.

A Very Special Adoption Request

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When a local animal advocate and rescuer recently entered hospice, she leaves behind her three beloved cats, Cowgirl, Stanley, and Manny. These sweet kitties are lonely and confused without their mom and are seeking a new forever home immediately.

Cowgirl is a 5-year-old sweetheart who is friendly with other cats. She can be timid at first so needs a patient owner to help her along the way. Her bestie, Manny, is also 5 years old with the same type of purrsonality. They would likely do best if they could be adopted together.

Eight-year-old Stanley is the mayor of the group! This little man gets along with everyone, even other cats AND dogs.

For more information, please contact Ashley O’Neill at [email protected]

Available for adoption through Lend-a-Paw Inc.

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Meet Rome! This handsome and lucky little 4.5-month-old boy was saved from the kill shelter this spring. He is a fan favorite as he is full of life and energy. He is great with other cats, however he is still a kitten, so being adopted by a family who has young, playful cats would be preferred. Oh, he also knows how to play fetch…wow!

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Penelope was found wandering the streets by a volunteer who brought her in after noticing what a sweetiepie she is! Penelope loves to be pet and loves to snuggle. She is between 2-4 years old and ready to go home with you today!

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Lend-a-Paw was asked to rescue four-month-old Dexter after he had demodex, a curable skin condition. He is an amazing little puppy with a sparkling personality. He loves to play with other dogs and go for runs.

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Two-year-old Lobo was rescued from the euthanasia list in Manhattan late last year. To help him live his best doggy life, Lobo will need to be a solo pet in a home with kids 13+ due to his resource guarding. He is a truly loving boy who needs a family who understands his breed and his needs, including lots of exercise and playtime.

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter

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**Special Request** Chevy is a two-year-old Pit Mix who had a very difficult start to his young life. It’s hard to imagine that this happy pup was once found on the side of the road, broken and beaten this past New Year’s Eve. Thanks to the kindhearted nature of law enforcement at the Suffolk County Police Department, a truly devoted team at Animal Surgical Center, one saintly foster family, and the selfless team at the Smithtown Animal Shelter, Chevy is thriving, back to good health, and awaiting his furrever home. Since his recovery, Chevy has become quite a celebrity, making appearances in viral TikToks, and getting profiled by News 12 and Newsday. Chevy loves to listen to music, especially Andrea Bocelli, earning him the nickname Bocelli, or Bo for short.

Chevy is finally getting to experience the happy puppy life that he never had before. He has gained back weight, is strong and mobile despite still having a slight limp and loves to snuggle and kiss. Even though he was mistreated by humans before, he is still very trusting and friendly to all new people. He gets along with some dogs and has lived in a multi-pet home for the period of his recovery. Chevy is the perfect example of the ultimate comeback story, and he won’t let anything get him down.

If you are interested in meeting Chevy, please fill out an application to schedule time to properly interact with him in a domestic setting, which includes the shelters Meet and Greet Room, the dog runs, and Dog Walk trail. Please call the Smithtown Animal Shelter at 631-360-7575 for more information today.

Available through Private Adoption

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All Sky wants to do is play! This confident 3-year-old kitty would thrive in a home with other playful playmates. This girl is a stunner! Contact rescuer, Trudy Schilder at [email protected] for more information today!

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America 

North Shore Animal League America is celebrating summer with an adoption special to help the many adorable, adoptable dogs and cats in our care find loving, responsible homes. This weekend, all dogs and cats 4-months of age and older will be FREE for approved adopters.

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Kaleidoscope (Adoption #NCI3457) is looking at a magical future now that her nursery duties are behind her. This classic two-year-old beauty doesn’t miss the tedious days of surviving outdoors and is grateful for the opportunity to make a fresh start as someone’s beloved pet. With her cute kittens with their new families, momma Kaleidoscope is ready for a loving home of her own!

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While super two-year-old tabby Tommy (Adoption #NCR5833)has a lot to be grateful for (including our amazing veterinary team) after traveling all the way from North Carolina and arriving at North Shore Animal League America. Tommy is putting his best paws forward in search of a family that can keep up with his pawsitive energy and charming purrsonality. Be prepared to carry him off to his very first home because Tommy is ready to win you over with his first hello!

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You’re going to have zoodles of fun with two-year-old Zucchini(Adoption #NCR5834)! This outstanding tuxedo loves to play and loves ear rubs even more. The only thing he asks is he be the only pet in his home, but with his delightful purrsonality and playful spirit, he proves himself more than enough to keep you company furever!

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When one-year-old Fawna (Adoption #NCI3596) arrived from upstate New York, she was cared for by Animal League America veterinarians as she recovered from an uncomfortable eye situation. Even through her discomfort, she showed everyone how loving she is.  Now healthy, this blue-eyed beauty is a survivor, ready for a fresh start. Inviting Fawna into your heart and home will leave her past behind and begin a wonderful future shared together.

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Two-year-old Stephanie (Adoption #NCI3611) doesn’t know it yet, but the hard life she survived is in her rearview mirror; ahead on the horizon is her happily-ever-after once she gets discovered by a loving family who will pamper her for the rest of her life. Are you ready to turn her frown upside down? Love is all you need to win Stephanie over—that and some treats!

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Duke and Bob

**Double Adoption** Duke (Adoption #NCI3568) and Bob (Adoption #NCI3569) traveled south from Animal League America’s upstate sister shelter hoping for a meet their true family. Nothing could be sweeter than a pair of bonded one-year-old brothers discovering their first home together. These beautiful boys are the felines of your hopes and dreams; make theirs come true with love, attention, ear rubs, and an abundance of treats.  Remember – when you adopt, you’re saving two lives; the one you take home and the one we now have room to rescue and put in its place.  If you adopted two animals, you’re saving four lives.

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If a silky, soft permakitten is on your wish list, a visit to meet Jade (Adoption #NCR5839) is an absolute necessity! This gorgeous one-year-old gal came from North Carolina with a heart full of hope that a home to call her own is in her near future. Jade delights in playtime, but she relishes snuggles with trusted humans even more. If you can only have one pet, make sure you visit Jade for an easy soulmate choice!

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While sweet Creamsicle (Adoption #NCI3588) likes to watch all the goings-on around him, he’ll pause to offer you his belly when you murmur sweet nothings to him. He’s as good for your heart as he is easy on the eyes. Who couldn’t use a best cuddle buddy like three-year-old Creamsicle to call their own?

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One-year-old Flora (Adoption NCI3595) isn’t just another pretty face. This sweet lady has a big, open heart and is in search of someone who can provide her with the safety and comfort she’s always deserved. Offering a gentle touch and quality time to Flora will yield a lifetime of loving gratitude for being the human she’s been waiting for.

If you’re ready to open your heart and home to any of these fabulous felines, contact [email protected] or visit our Port Washington campus today!

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!