Horoscopes By Psychic Deb For August 2023

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Here are the horoscopes for the month of August by Psychic Deb

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Aries – a lucky social contact provides the influences that will open doors for you. You’ll appeal to someone at the top of the ladder because of your bright wit and optimistic manner. Ask questions, obtain answers; you’ll learn much. Sagittarius and Gemini are involved.

Taurus – A change of pace brings an intelligent, witty person into range. This person can introduce you to a more exciting social life, including much travel around your local area. Be prepared for romance, amusement, much talk and gossip. A flexible attitude is a must.

Gemini – 12th house issues emphasize illusions, fantasy and make-believe. This can be productive if applied to an area of creativity or artistic expression. You’ll be extra sensitive where personal relationships are concerned. Retreat to a special hideaway if pressures mount.

Cancer – the cycle surges upward and you’ll feel like you’re in the driver’s seat. Personal enterprises pay off in a big way. Power, prestige and more money will seem worth fighting for. Don’t deal with underlings. Go right to the top with requests and ideas. Your lucky number is 8.

Leo – Lunar vibrations are affecting your mood this month. If you get bothersome chores out of the way, you’ll have time for a group meeting and an unusual answer to a quandary. Cut out unnecessary frills; be practical, shrewd, and observant. Goals can be reached through inventive methods. Your lucky number is 4.

Virgo – speculation, risk-taking and games of chance are accented. You’ll feel lucky and ready for adventure. An optimistic mood is bound to draw friends and would-be lovers in your direction. Enjoy popularity but don’t promise more than you can deliver.

Libra – share secrets with a loved one or family member. Be compassionate; understand problems that are presented to you. A loving, caring attitude will overcome all differences. A special gourmet treat can break through barriers. Your lucky number is 6. 

Scorpio – communication requires steady effort. Follow the rules instead of adding to your own interpretation. Catch up on routine correspondences and phone messages. You’ll feel less pressure if you lighten the backlog of work. Avoid spending time in gossip.

Sagittarius – personal power continues at a high point. You can complete a major project and move on to bigger things. Your magnetism draws many to you, but the focus will be more on an appeal to the masses than personal relationships. Aries and Libra figure prominently.

Capricorn – you will be cautious, money-conscious and protective of yourself and family members. Build up resources, save rather than spend. Your intuitive understanding of values and bargains gives you an extra edge. Use imagination in earning a living. A Cancer plays a key role.

Aquarius – a completion of a major cycle is about to take place. Put the past behind you; make big plans for the future. Travel, higher education, and spiritual philosophy are involved in this month’s high-minded scenario. An alert, aggressive person goes out of the way to gain your friendship.

Pisces – the accent is on new starts, great personal appeal and a possible change in appearance or body image. You’ll approach life with a dramatic, forceful attitude. Your warmth will draw love to you; don’t be afraid to make the first move. Your lucky number is 1.