Syosset-Based Fertility Clinic Joins Pinnacle Fertility Group

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New York Reproductive Wellness, located on South Oyster Bay Road in Syosset, is a partner of Oma Fertility, a family-planning business with locations in New York City, Atlanta, St. Louis, and Santa Barbara.

Along with those other locations of Oma Fertility, New York Reproductive Wellness officially joined the broader Pinnacle Fertility on Aug. 14.

Oma Fertility was founded in 2020 by a team of dedicated fertility experts and has gained recognition for its commitment to empathetic and affordable care using in-house developed AI technology.

“The choice to partner with Pinnacle Fertility was driven by our aligned values and visions,” said Sahil Gupta, co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Oma Fertility. “Pinnacle is renowned for its patient-first, physician-led approach to fertility care. Like us, they prioritize patient experiences and the use of cutting-edge technology combined with compassionate care.”

According to a news release announcing the partnership, Pinnacle Fertility “is a patient-first, physician-led fertility care platform supporting high-performing fertility clinics and comprehensive fertility service providers nationwide.”

“We extend a warm welcome to Oma Fertility into the Pinnacle Fertility family,” said Beth Zoneraich, CEO of Pinnacle Fertility. “Their patient-focused approach and use of innovative technology resonate with our vision. We are poised to create a lasting impact by providing unwavering support and accessible fertility services to more individuals and couples.”

The expansion grows Pinnacle Fertility’s reputation as a leader in the industry.