Carle Place’s The Beauty Tailor: Make Your Own Lipstick

The Beauty Tailor
Courtesy Andrew Serghides

At Carle Place’s The Beauty Tailor, you’re not just purchasing Long Island-made lipstick — you’re creating it yourself.

History of The Beauty Tailor

The Beauty Tailor was founded in 2019 by Andrew and Tatiana Serghides, as well as Chris Raftis, Tatiana’s father. The concept is the next step in Tatiana’s family legacy — Raftis is a cousin of Nikos Mouyiaris, founder and owner of MANA Products Inc., a leading global makeup manufacturer. Raftis spent many years working for MANA, including throughout Tatiana’s childhood.

“Her father would always bring back little moulds and lipsticks to the house and when she was a kid,” Andrew Serghides told the Press. “She would make them in the kitchen and on the on the stove. So she was really involved. She saw a very successful company and she loved the whole concept of making things — she’s a creator. She’s very artistic. When he [Mouyiaris] passed away, she wanted to continue makeup in the family.”

The Beauty Tailor

The result is a custom-blend lipstick bar that hosts private sessions for small groups as well as parties for all ages interested in making their own lipstick. You pick your own color and get to work, mixing the ingredients for the lipstick yourself.

“The cool thing about what we do is we have aged from six years old up to 96 years old,” Serghidees said. “We’ve worked with moms’ groups, The Transition Network which are for women 60 and up, and then we have childrens’ birthdays. So we really cater our whole structure and process of the day to whatever age group we’re working with.”

When it was founded in 2019, The Beauty Tailor was fully online — the goal, according to Serghides, was to build a brand.

“Covid hit, and we were reluctant to find a space,” Serghides said. “When Covid let up, we looked for leases and came across the Carle Place spot.”

The Future of The Beauty Tailor

The online features of The Beauty Tailor are still available, but their Carle Place location opened in February. 

“Carle Place has been fantastic because we’re in a plaza that’s next to a really popular arcade,” Serghides said. “So we get a lot of hits from kids, and we’re also near a lot of popular stores for moms.” 

With this amount of activity in such a short amount of time, Serghides said that the future for The Beauty Tailor could include locations out of state, with places such as Boston and California on the radar. 

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The Beauty Tailor
Courtesy Andrew Serghides