Practicing Self-Love Will Improve Your Life

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Do you love yourself? Practicing self-love is critical for self-fulfillment, self-confidence and personal success and achievement. It helps strengthen your inner being and forge solid, trustworthy relationships with others, say the experts. 

Practice self-love for your mind, body and soul, says Staci Snair, doctor of metaphysical healing and cofounder of Peacefully Living Center for Wellness in Ronkonkoma. When these three systems are working in tandem, we are in the state of complete wellness, she says.

“Treat your body as your temple,” Snair says. 

Eat foods that are both healthy and bring you joy. Nourish your mind and soul with an abundance of knowledge. 

“Delve into topics that have you craving more knowledge and share with those around you,” she says adding, “Be conscious of your thoughts,” by practicing purposeful affirmations and gratitude. 

Calm your mind through meditation, advises Shana Heatley, nationally board-certified health and wellness coach at Long Island based-Ahh Therapy. Heatley is also a 500-hour registered yoga teacher, certified hypnotherapist, and reiki practitioner. 

“The most loving and valuable gift you can give yourself is the gift of time and patience,” she says. 

Mindset, actions and follow-through are important, notes Heatley. Create a Joy Menu to achieve inner happiness and compassion, she suggests. It could be a hike in the woods, a cup of coffee, or dancing in the living room. List, practice and enjoy, she says. 

“It isn’t a matter of the activity, it’s a matter of the intention behind the activity,” Heatley says. She suggests journaling to reflect on what brings you happiness and what serves as an obstacle. 

A crucial component of exercising self-love is appreciating and acknowledging your achievements, regardless of how seemingly big or small, says Rachel Kraft, certified trauma-informed somatic coach & breathwork facilitator in Long Beach. 

“Celebrate your wins,” she says. “Write your wins for the week on a small piece of paper each week. Place these small pieces of paper in a jar, and at the end of the year, look back at all of your small and big accomplishments.” 

You’ll boost your confidence and self-esteem, creating a deeper sense of self-love. Be kind to yourself by practicing self-compassion and forgiveness. When you’re feeling down or not your best, it’s OK to ask for help, says Kraft. 

“Reach out for support if needed, prioritize your well-being, and grow that self-compassionate muscle,” she advises. “The practice of asking for what you need and having support when you need it is a form of self-love in itself.” 

Achieve self-respect and ultimately self-love by setting healthy boundaries, adds Kraft. You are your own best friend. 

“The most important relationship we have is the one we have with ourselves,”  Kraft says. “When you make how you treat yourself an intentional practice, you will notice a stronger sense of self with greater levels of happiness, joy, and inner peace.”