Immigration Advocates Say Nassau Exec’s Mailer is Racist

Long Island Press File Photo

The New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC) has accused Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman of using racist language in mailers recently sent out to residents.

In the mailer, Blakeman told residents that Nassau County will never be a “sanctuary city” so long as he is in office.

“So long as I am your County Executive, Nassau will never become a sanctuary county nor spend your tax dollars on services for non-citizens,” Blakeman’s statement reads.

The NYIC also criticized Blakeman for using the term “illegal aliens” in his government biography.

“Communities across Long Island have long been defined by the cultural and economic contributions of immigrant New Yorkers, who pay taxes just like everyone living and working in Nassau County,” Murad Awawdeh, president of the group, said. But Bruce Blakeman seems much more interested in fanning the flames of hatred than actually representing all of Nassau County’s residents. By politicizing immigration in his county and resorting to explicit dog whistles, he puts the well-being of immigrant families in his county in danger. While Blakeman may be living in a racist fantasy world where his government only serves people who look like him, Nassau County is in fact legally obligated to provide government services to all its residents.”

A representative for Blakeman did not immediately return a request for comment.