Police Search of Massapequa Park Home of Alleged Gilgo Beach Serial Killer Continues For Fifth Day, May Carry Into Weekend

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State and Suffolk police are searching the Massapequa Park home of suspected Gilgo Beach killer Rex Heuermann.
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Police are continuing their search of the Massapequa Park home of suspected Gilgo Beach serial killer Rex Heuermann as of Friday, and may continue into Saturday.

New York State Police and Suffolk County Police were spotted at the home on First Avenue in the village on Monday. The search comes just weeks after a multi-agency search over 40 miles east in Manorville. Police never said what the Manorville search was about, nor did they confirm if they found anything. It’s unclear as to if the current search is related to the Manorville search.

Police were seen taking evidence boxes and bags out of Heuermann’s house, and on Monday afternoon, the Suffolk County Medical Examiner arrived on the scene. On Tuesday, investigators were seen in Heuermann’s backyard. On Wednesday, attorney Robert Macedonio – who represents Asa Ellerup, Heuermann’s estranged wife – arrived briefly at the scene, and escorted Heuermann’s daughter Victoria to her car. According to Macedonio, Ellerup and her son, Christopher Sheridan, have been on a pre-planned trip to South Carolina since before this search began.

“It was such an extensive search that was conducted 10 months ago,” Macedonio told reporters. “We’re a little bit surprised, and can’t imagine what was missed or left behind. We have not received a copy of the warrant. We’re looking forward to going through the affidavit to see what additional probable cause was obtained.”

Both Victoria Heuermann and Christopher Sheridan are represented by attorney Vesselin Mitev.

“This is another time of upheaval and turmoil for them,” Mitev told the Press. “And obviously, they have very visceral reactions to police in their home, given the unprecedented, almost a teardown of their house a year ago. So understandably, they’re concerned, especially because they’ve both been excluded repeatedly of having anything to do with any alleged act of Mr. Heuermann’s.”

Suffolk County District Attorney arrived on the scene briefly on Thursday, but declined to speak to reporters. Police continued to bring various boxed items out of the house on Friday, although it’s not clear what.

Police officials on the scene indicated to reporters they may continue into Saturday.

Next-door neighbor Etienne deVilliers, 68, who has lived in Massapequa Park for nearly 30 years, shared some details with reporters, including that police notified him that the search would go on “for a few days.”

“I’ve never seen Rex as violent,” deVilliers said. “I hope they got the wrong guy, but we’ll see.”

He added that Ellerup has told him the house had been completely torn up from the first search, leaving himself and other neighbors confused as to what the authorities could be looking for.”

Heuermann still remains charged with the deaths of the Gilgo Beach Four – Melissa Barthelemy, Amber Lynn Costello, Megan Waterman, and Maureen Brainard-Barnes.

However, there are up to six other victims found on Gilgo in 2011 that he could be charged with, and Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney has repeatedly said that the same grand jury that indicted Heuermann on the Gilgo Four would be looking at the other murders on Gilgo, and possibly other cold case murders on Long Island.

Two victims tied to the case were found in Manorville. Valerie Mack’s dismembered, partial remains were found there in 2000, while Jessica Taylor’s dismembered, partial remains were found there in 2003.

Both of their partial remains were also found on Gilgo in 2011.

Police searched Heuermann’s house for roughly two weeks after his arrest in July.

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