Police Complete Investigation At Gilgo Beach Suspect Rex Heuermann’s House

Rex Heuermann
Rex Heuermann’s Massapequa Park home.
Michael Malaszczyk/Long Island Press

After almost two weeks of investigating, the police are wrapping up at Gilgo Beach serial killer suspect Rex Heuermann’s house.

Suffolk District Attorney Ray Tierney noted that they have obtained a substantial amount of evidence that has broadened their search in the case against the suspect of three Gilgo Beach murders. 

What was found at Gilgo Beach suspect’s house?

A total of 279 guns were removed from his premises as they close out the scene.

Some of them were discovered in a walk-in vault that was found in the basement, but the identity of other belongings in the vault is unknown at this time.

No human remains were found at the home, but Tierney explained that they are still analyzing the evidence from the backyard as part of the mass of evidence from the ‘cluttered’ house and cannot attest whether any potential victims were killed there.

“We have obtained a massive amount of material, all of which has to be catalogued and analyzed,” Tierney said. “It’s going to take quite some time.”

While there is still a plethora of unknowns, it is an ongoing investigation, and Tierney reminded the press to “let the process work out.”

Gilgo Beach 2
Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney cautioned people about driving by and photographing Gilgo Beach suspect Rex Heuermann’s house.Sarah Popeck

Police warn about visiting Gilgo Beach suspect’s house

People driving down the street to take photos will be at risk of being issued summonses, and parking will be prohibited in the area.

Tierney said that ‘this is not going to turn into a sideshow’ and the community will start to head back to normalcy now that the police are done investigating the house.

What the Gilgo Beach suspect’s neighbors had to say

Among those most affected by the search were Heuermann’s Massapequa Park neighbors.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was kind of shocked,” Frankie Musto, who lives down the block from Heuermann’s house on First Avenue, said. “But you get used to it — all the crazy stuff going on in the world today, and this happens two doors away. You never know who your neighbors are, I guess.”

Gilgo Beach 3
Authorities said Rex Heuermann took these selfies on his burner phone. (SCDA)

Musto added that she did not know Heuermann personally — though their children went to school together — but had seen him drive the green Chevrolet Avalanche that helped police link him to the murders.

“It’s gonna be nice to have everything back to normal again,” Musto said. “Every day waking up, seeing a million people in front of your house, it was no big deal, but it was annoying.”

Nevertheless, Musto drew a comparison between Massapequa Park and the infamous “Amityville Horror” story, which the nearby Amityville came to be known for following the murders of the DeFeo family.

“I think they’re gonna do the same thing they do with the Amityville Horror house,” Musto said.  “They’re gonna pass by and and they’re gonna take pictures. Even if they can’t park or stop their car, they’ll find a way.”

Heuermann is currently on suicide watch at the Suffolk County Correctional Facility in Riverhead. He is due back in court on Aug. 1 after pleading not guilty to the charges of murder.

Gilgo Beach 4
Michael Malaszczyk