Burglar’s Dad Testifies in NCPD Conspiracy Case

Gary Parker testified that he socialized with former second deputy commissioner William Flanagan.

Sandy Aid Bill Finally Passes U.S. Senate

Passage comes 91 days after Superstorm Sandy.

Gordon Heights Armed Home Invasion Probed

The incident brings the number of armed Suffolk home invasions the past two weeks to seven.

Roosevelt Man Admits Shooting Police Officer

The officer was hit in the left arm and back but return fire, hitting the gunman in the groin, thigh and arm.

Winter Tips for Pet Owners

Daisy Christ
Keep your pet warm and snuggly during our coldest of seasons.

Dog Fighting Ring and ‘Bloody’ Pit Bulls Found in New Cassel Garage

"It's hard for me to believe that...this goes on and people don’t call."

Southern State Parkway Crash Leaves 2 Dead, 3 Critical

Three people remain in critical condition after the tragic accident.

Bellport Woman Nabbed for 92 lbs. of Pot

Police pulled the woman over for traffic violations when they found boxes of marijuana.

Flanders Man Shot Dead in Home Invasion

The case is the sixth armed Suffolk home invasion in nearly two weeks.

Beyoncé’s Lip Syncing + Bad Lip Reading = LOLz

Beyonce Inauguration - Star Spangled Banner
A very good bad lip reading of the lip synced singing of our national anthem by Beyoncé. It's so bad it's fantastic. Trust me.

Man Arrested for DWI Hit 8 Cars in Parking Lot, Cops Say

He lost control of the sports utility vehicle and struck two parking signs and eight cars.

Teen Arrested for Threat to Blow Up Kings Park HS, Cops Say

Teen said he "had obtained a bomb to blow up the 'Kingdome.'"