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Voter turnout is pivotal in key match-ups across Nassau and Suffolk.

“When he does enter the race, it’ll be a game changer. It’s going to upend the whole campaign."

Questions linger after state Senate majority leadership switcheroo this week.

But the next speaker will most likely hail from New York City.

Voter turnout is expected to be around 10 percent, experts say.

The status quo has a lot of staying power, but there have been developments in consolidating Long Island special districts.

"Let's make this very clear and very concise, Legislator Birnbaum is banned from the minority caucus and the Democratic caucus."

While those rallying outside protested Cuomo’s position on issues ranging from education to the environment and gun rights, Democrats inside called the fundraiser a success.

“This is not the comprehensive reform New Yorkers deserve.”

“There is the possibility of a primary contest."