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The precipitation is expected to be mixed with rain and will likely not accumulate.

“Due to the warm and humid nature of the airmass ahead of the cold front...torrential downpours are likely.”

Either way, rough seas are forecast to kick up rip currents that can be dangerous to swimmers.

“Whatever the probabilities are, one storm can wreak tremendous havoc,” the head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said.

“The heaviest rain is expected to coincide with high tide on the Atlantic and western Long Island Sound tonight, which could exacerbate flooding along the south shore of Long Island.”

Heavy rains expected Wednesday into Thursday are the remnants of the storm that sparked deadly tornadoes nationwide.

The heaviest rainfall is forecast for Saturday into Sunday.

But the Island mostly dodged the threat of snow overnight.

...but only 1 to 2 inches is expected to coat the rest of the Island starting Tuesday night.

“It only takes a carelessly disposed cigarette to ignite a fire."