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“Make sure that your measurements are specific, because once you’re drilling in tile, it’s impossible to patch. It’s not like sheetrock.”

“Today I’m going to show you how to cut the box out.”

"The most typical errors involve ignoring prep work, setting unrealistic goals, low-balling the budget, and neglecting safety."

Don't wait until the storm hits.

If your house could speak, it’d probably thank you when you’re done.

“You used to be able to just tilt it and pull it out. These actually have a connection underneath.”

Learning how to install a dimmer switch in your bathroom opens up a roomful of lighting possibilities.

Those pop-up drains in the sink do indeed tend to get choked up—and we don’t mean emotionally!

“Don’t be afraid to pull it. The cover will pop up.”

Changing the hardware on cabinets is easier than you might think.