Alure Home Improvements Seeks to Inspire ‘Raving Fans’ [Sponsored]

Alure Home Improvements
Alure Home Improvements President & CEO Sal Ferro (R) tells sports marketer Tyler Pyburn (L) that the company’s mission is to deliver such high-quality services that customers and employees are inspired to become “raving fans.”

When it comes to levels of appreciation, some people are enthusiasts—they express themselves politely but they don’t let themselves go. Some folks are fans—they don’t hide who they favor, they let everybody know what side they’re on. And then there the raving fans!

You know who they are: They’re the fanatics shouting in the stands in sub-freezing weather, icicles in their beards and the letters of their team painted proudly on their bellies. And they’re like the ones who Sal Ferro, president and CEO of Alure Home Improvements, wants for his customers and employees.

He’s one to know. A huge New York Giants fan himself, Sal admits, “I put blue on my eyes for the Super Bowl! My daughter is putting blue on her face! I wore a Giants jersey! I’m jumping up and down for the Giants!”

Sal wants to create the same intense culture of loyalty at Alure, both inside and out.

“I want raving fans for Alure Home Improvements!” he tells sports marketer Tyler Pyburn in this accompanying video. “I want people who want to wear our shirts, who want to talk about us, who go to our Facebook fan page, who come to our showroom, who come to our events, and who refer us. Those are the people I want to follow us on Twitter.”

Sal’s hope is that when raving Alure fans hear the company name, they’ll go: “Oh, I love them! They did a great job for us! They’re good people! They stand behind their work!”

The analogy is simple.

“Who would you rather have as a customer?” asks Sal rhetorically. “A happy, pleased customer or a raving fan?”

At Alure Home Improvements, the answer is clear: Happy is nice, but raving is fantastic. That kind of wild excitement comes from not just meeting expectations but exceeding them, time after time.

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It starts with building a foundation of employees who truly appreciate what Alure does, are great at doing their jobs and are clearly invested in helping the company surpass all its goals. As Sal puts it, he has assembled a team of people who love working at Alure so much they’re willing “to go through a wall for you!”

And fostering that spirit is the driving force behind Alure Home Improvements’ philosophy of customer service.

It’s nice to have customers say they like you. It’s not easy to have them rave about you.

“But you can do it if you focus on it!” says Sal Ferro. “It’s part of our culture—and that’s what we’re doing here!”