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Alure Home Improvements’ ’60 Second Fix:’ How To Clean Grout

Grout is the mortar or paste used for filling the gaps between floor and wall tiles. After a while, just like anything in your house, it gets pretty dirty. Alure Home Improvements teaches how to properly clean grout.

Timeless Holiday Decorating Tips From Alure Home Improvements

The holiday season is special for a reason. People go out of their way to make their homes sparkle with strings of colorful lights and beautifully decorated Christmas trees—and that’s just for starters. To get any home Hanukkah-ready, there’s an array of delightful decorating ideas at your fingertips. You can do a lot to bring the festive spirit to the forefront.

Alure Home Improvements Spices Up Kitchens With Expert Remodeling

Now is the time to visit Alure Home Improvements for the best prices on kitchen remodeling projects that can being in the New Year.

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency With The Latest In Vinyl Siding...

Because wood absorbs water, it can swell, rot, warp and crack. Not vinyl, which is mostly maintenance-free. It never requires a coat of paint. Made primarily from polyvinyl chloride, vinyl siding has come a long way since it was first introduced to the exterior cladding market in the early 1960s.

Alure Home Improvements Hosts 4th Annual Summer Remodeling Fashion Show

Alure Home Improvements hosts its 4th annual Summer Remodeling Fashion Show on August 6 and 7, showcasing decades of home design work and highlighting the latest trends in products and styles. Enjoy live cooking and wine seminars, free food from Felico’s Catering, complimentary beverages, an arts & crafts tent for kids, a bounce house, and much more, including presentations, prizes and workshops!

Great Outdoor Projects From Alure Home Improvements

Summer is the perfect time to do outdoor projects that will give your house new life and sparkle--and many of them are just common sense.

Get A Fresh Look For Spring With Alure Home Improvements

When you take a look at your house, are you happy with the color scheme? Maybe it's time to paint something new.

Think Spring With Alure Home Improvements’ Guide to Choosing Colors Just...

Now's the time to change your indoor color scheme.

Some Great Indoor Project Ideas From Alure Home Improvements

Alure Home Improvements offers some great indoor projects to keep homeowners occupied till Spring!

Alure Home Improvements Teaches How To Properly Clear A Gutter Ice...

Sponsored Content Brought To You By Alure Home Improvements Some homeowners may never have heard of an ice dam—especially if they’re from Florida—but as Long...