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The new commish will be tasked with cleaning up the mess left by a former police chief who was arrested on corruption charges. Among his first moves was announcing plans to invite the FBI to work more closely on the Long Island Serial Killer case, gang investigations and other probes. He also unveiled plans to revamp the internal affairs unit, crack down on drug houses, and hinted at an upcoming "unprecedented" law enforcement partnership.

Republicans also urged the county executive to expand his search for a new police commissioner.

Will investigators promises to take a “fresh look” at the case and bring in FBI reinforcements lead to an arrest?

Calling it "the biggest ripoff" in Suffolk County history, a pair of well-connected lawyers say that the Southwest Sewer District has illegally overcharged 340,000 local taxpayers by $254.9 million since 2009--and they demand a refund.

One can bet that residents in the areas Heartland will impact definitely have more than 40,000 reasons why the project isn’t right for Long Island.

Democratic Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone defeated GOP challenger James O'Connor.

Voter turnout is pivotal in key match-ups across Nassau and Suffolk.

But civil liberties experts questioned the constitutionality of the new law.

Concerns remain about the barrier island, which has been breached and partly dune-less since Sandy.