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“Dump ’em!” sniped D’Amato. “Dump Cablevision. FiOS is much better and cheaper.”

“I feel so blessed that I’m able to continue in this job."

“We should try to be heard and if we forfeit that right then shame on us.”

The county—one of the wealthiest in the nation—is still in trouble financially, no matter who wins on Nov. 5.

"Our troubles in suburbia are so thick that there is an air of inevitability to our decline. Mangano and Suozzi know it, which is why this is the ultimate bureaucratic contest.”

“I am proud to be a New York Democrat and I’m proud to support New York Democrats."

The former president and ex-New York City mayor each threw their weight behind the respective candidates this week.

County executive said the TV station refused to mention Suozzi's prior employment at Cablevision, which owns the channel.

The fiscal watchdog agency maintains that the county executive relies too much on borrowing.

The current Republican county exec faced off with the former Democratic county exec in their first debate four weeks before Election Day.