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A dozen Democrats and almost half a dozen Republicans say they're interested in competing for the Congressional seat held by Rep. Steve Israel, a Long Island Democrat, who's bowing out.

The veteran Long Island Democrat leaves after eight terms in Congress and now the race is on to succeed him.

Will Bruce Ratner, the man behind the new project, be the coliseum's long-awaited savior, or yet another character in Nassau County’s long-running narrative of dashed hopes?

Mangano offered workers $1,000 a year for each year of service as a way to cut payroll expenses.

Looking back, an exercise in post-traumatic stress memory recall, is also the need to remember what might have been.

The lawsuit accuses police of the civil version of a criminal charge prosecutors use on the mafia.

“Someone needs to put the hard tough questions to these elected and appointed officials and make them answer for their actions.”

Nearly a quarter of both Nassau and Suffolk county legislative seats are undergoing turnover as new lawmakers voters elected in November are being sworn...

Storms, scams and deaths: 2013 local news in review.

Nassau taxpayers have unknowingly been paying millions of dollars as a consequence of lax oversight, mismanagement, neglect and/or willful ignorance.