All My Children: All My Children to be Canceled?

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The soap opera All My Children may be canceled after 41 years on the air, according to reports. The show is said to be going off the air this week, to be replaced by a cheaper-to-produce talk show.

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The shows ratings, and those of other daytime soaps, have hit a low as of late. CBS canceled it’s long-running soap Guiding Light and CBS canceled it’s As The World Turns. NBC had canceled Passions, although that one was no surprise, some of the acting on that show was pitiful to say the least and some characters were played by three different actors through the course of the show.

The show was created in 1970 by Agnes Nixon. It gained fame though out the shows many years and at one time, as the most widely-recorded television show in the United States and was number one in the daytime Nielsen ratings in the 1978-1979 season.

Just last year ABC moved All My Children to Los Angeles from New York to save on production costs and switched to HD.

All My Children is set in the fictional Philly suburb of Pine Valley and has been on the air since 1970. Actress Susan Lucci, who plays Erica Kane on the show, is the only remaining original cast member.

In other news, Days of Our Lives is still kicking on NBC and is reportedly introducing a gay character to the show.