Roy Williams Wants Engagement Ring Back from Brooke Daniels

brooke daniels
Brooke Daniels (www.visitlaredo.com/)

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Roy Williams has been known to drop some passes during his career, but nothing might compare to him dropping $76,000 on an engagement ring and the girl’s response was “no.”

Williams reportedly mailed the expensive diamond to his girlfriend at the time, Miss Texas USA Brooke Daniels, along with a recorded audio message and some cash.

Now that there will be no engagement and no lavish wedding, Williams wants the former beauty pageant winner to give the ring back.

The wide receiver is taking his ex to court and recently filed a lawsuit in an attempt to get the rock back, according to a report by oAonline.com. In an affidavit signed by Williams, he said he also gave Daniels $5,000 for school and to help with some dentist bills.

And he didn’t stop there. Williams reportedly gave Daniels’ brother a baseball in the engagement ring package.

Williams reportedly asked for the ring back, but Daniels told him that she lost it. His insurance agency then got involved, and an investigation revealed that Daniels father, Michael, had the ring.

According to oAonline.com, her father said he will return the ring so he doesn’t have to be involved in a lawsuit.

The 28-year-old, who played both high school and college football in Texas, has played eight seasons in the NFL. The Detroit Lions drafted him after a standout career at the University of Texas.

Williams spent five seasons with the Lions before he was traded to the Dallas Cowboys during the 2008 season. His most productive season came with the Lions in 2006, when he had 82 receptions for over 1,300 yards.