Borders Begins Sales at All Stores

Borders sales
Borders customers waiting to checkout after searching for the best deals at the Borders in Syosset. (Picture by: Carmen Bica)
Borders sales
Borders customers waiting to checkout after searching for the best deals at the Borders in Syosset. (Picture by: Carmen Bica)

Borders is ready to discount all their merchandise.

After the book chain announced it would be closing all its stores nationwide by September, the company said on Friday it will now start its “Going out of business” sale.

Everything in the store will be discounted up to 40 percent off, Borders announced in an e-mail to customers Friday morning.

In a separate e-mail on Friday, Borders CEO Mike Edwards thanked book lovers in a letter saying, “I want to personally thank you for your loyalty and support.”

The Michigan-based company announced Monday that it would be liquidating all its assets, closing 399 stores and eliminating 10,700 jobs. In a statement, Edwards said the e-Reader “revolution, and turbulent economy, have brought us to where we are now.”

The bookstore was in negotiations with the company Najafi Cos. to keep some of the retailer’s 399 stores in business. Najafi Cos., however, declined to bid on Borders.

In his letter to customers, Edwards said no bidders presented a formal proposal to keep the book chain operating. “We had worked very hard toward a different outcome,” he said, adding, “we put up a great fight, but regrettably, in the end, we weren’t able to overcome these external forces.”

Borders Sales
Borders customers waiting to checkout (Picture by: Carmen Bica)

Gift cards will be honored during the sale, the company said, and members of Borders’ Plus program will continue to receive discounts through Aug. 5. Borders bucks will expire July 31.

At the Syosset location, banners around the store announced the beginning of the company’s sale. After receiving e-mails Friday morning, customers flooded the store in the early morning hours in search of the best deals available.

Signs read “Everything Must Go” and “Nothing Held Back” as customers walked around with handfuls of books. Announcements through the loudspeaker declared the beginning of the sale: “Welcome to the Borders liquidation sale, everything is 10 to 40 percent off.”

Kristy Cusisanqui, of Plainview, decided shop on this steamy day after reading her e-mail Friday morning. “I actually got two phone calls from my girlfriends so I wouldn’t forget to stop by today,” Cusisanqui said, adding, “I’m sad that they are closing down but I’m glad about the good prices.”

Another loyal customer said the location of the store was one of the reasons why she moved to Syosset. “It’s sad,” she said, “this is the reason we moved here, for this Borders.”

There are six Borders locations remaining on Long Island since the company closed down both the Westbury and Commack locations after filing for bankruptcy protection in February. Remaining stores will be closed by September, the company said. Borders didn’t return calls for comment requesting information as to when the Long Island locations will shutter.

A female customer, who didn’t want to give her name, agreed with most of her fellow shoppers, telling the Press she was “sad to hear” about the store closing. Another shopper, Brittni Rhodes of Syosset, was already looking toward the future of the property.

“It’s been here forever,” she said. “Gotta see what comes after it.”