Monica Releases “Anything (To Find You)” (Video)

Monica/ AP
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Monica/ AP

Monica has released her latest single “Anything (To Find You).”

The song comes from Monica’s upcoming album “My Life,” which is set to hit stores in October. The track is produced by Missy Elliott, reported Pop Crush.

The song is reminiscent of Notorious B.I.G’s classic “Who Shot Ya” with lyrics and beat. It also includes appearances by Rick Ross and Lil Kim.

” I want to know if someone’s out there/ Somebody to hold/ Somebody who cares/ I will do anything to find you and when I do I will never let you go,” sings Monica.

Following Rick Ross, Lil Kim makes her presence known, “Who shot ya/ Pow/ I guess it was cupid/ bowing arrow through the heart/ Let the blood rip/ Somebody call the doctor ’cause I’m love sick/ Man, I had it with this love s***.”

But Lil Kim’s total presence was denied earlier by Biggie’s mom.

The denial of Lil Kim’s presence on the track cause quite the commotion.  Monica tweeted, “I am just finding out what has happened to my single and myself & Missy are beyond hurt that @LilKim was removed. She’s our friend, a legend & @LilKim will get the respect she deserves at all cost. The clearance was revoked & I’m fighting to get it reinstated by the Biggie Estate.” the R&B singer wrote on Thursday (July 14).” She added, “I am as through as they come and I LOVE @LilKim bottom line is Ms Wallace has the final say and she said No. If we put it out we get SUED.”

Lil Kim tweeted, “they cant stop us” and according to The Boom Box, also revealed that she, Missy and Monica are working on “something even bigger” for fans.