“Teen Mom” After Show

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Screenshot from MTV “Teen Mom” after show
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Screenshot from MTV "Teen Mom" after show

After every “Teen Mom” episode, viewers rush to their computers to check out the after show with Suchin Pak hosting.

Episode 4 was discussed on this week’s after show. Pak started with Maci Bookout and her education. Pak asked Maci why it seems like it’s such a struggle for Maci. She explained that the hardest part about being a young parent is not financial by any means but the emotional part is “you being alone.” She focused on her relationship with Kyle before focusing on school. “I put myself first, myself happy in a relationship before I put my education,” she said.

After further discussing education while raising a child with the audience, Pak focused on Farrah Abraham. She speaks on the budding relationship with her daughter’s deceased dad, Derek’s dad and stepmom. “I was very happy to see how much they cared and supported Sophia and I,” said Farrah. “You can’t be closed off from everybody,” she added. In episode 4 of “Teen Mom” Derek’s mother is seeking out visitation rights to see Farrah’s daughter.

Finally, Pak talks with Catelynn Lowell, who in episode 4, we see trying to convince her family to seek help. She talks Butch and how he agrees to counseling, “It was really cool to hear him say that he would go.” Speaking of her mother and counseling, “It was hard,” Catelynn said, “It was nice to hear all the things she said and how sorry she was.”

Check out the full after show of “Teen Mom.”