Miley Cyrus Gets Tattoo Supporting Gay Rights


mileyfingertatMiley Cyrus has been inked again!

This time the teen sensation has inked ” =” known as a campaign launched by Gay and Lesbian Rights signifying “All Love Is Equal.”

With the picture, she posted the photo on Twitter with the message, “All LOVE is equal.”

The tattoo is located on her ring finger, the perfect place for her message.

Earlier, according to Pop Crush, she tweeted, You know the world is skewed when people get away with murdering children but we cant get gay marriage legalized in the state of California.”

Miely has a collection of tattoos- this is the seventh- including a heart on her finger, an anchor,  “Just Breathe,” “Love,” a cross and a dream catcher.

Cyrus, 18, is best known from starring in “Hannah Montana.”