Chipotle Pinto Beans Contain Bacon, Shocking Consumers

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Associated Press

Who knew that Chipotle’s pinto beans contain bacon? No one, because the menu apparently doesn’t disclose that information.

Maxim’s Seth Porges made the startling discovery while ordering it in July.

He promptly sent an email to Chipotle that told of his alarming discovery. In the email, he said to the counter staff, “Seriously? Nobody has ever told me that before,” to which a Chipotle employee replied, ” Really? Well we’re supposed to tell customers there is bacon in it.”

But the email wasn’t enough so he tweeted about it too.

“After more than a decade of ordering Chipotle pinto beans, I was told they have bacon. As non-pork eater, I feel ill,” tweeted Porges. And then again: “Was shocked to discover Chipotle puts bacon in their pinto beans. Why is it not posted on menu?” tweeted Porges.

Naturally, Chipotle wanted to avoid a press crisis and the CEO personally call Porges to apologize. Chipotle’s response to the incident was to explain that employees are supposed to warn diners about the beans– also, the bacon factor is mentioned on the Chipotle website.

After speaking to Porges, Chipotle will reportedly be changing the menu to include a mention of bacon.

“Just spoke to head of Chipotle. Said I got them to change menus to say Pinto has bacon! Awesome & nimble response! Thanks” tweeted Porges.

Chipotle confirmed the change to Consumerist saying, “The menu panels have been redesigned to reflect that change, and the plan is to deliver them to restaurants along with other changes to the menu boards over the next several months.”