Top 10 Tuesday: Long Island Books

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Plum Island by Nelson Demille

Since we went Top 10 Reality Stars last week, we at the Press thought it would be fitting to show that Long Island isn’t just about people who know how to perform a keg stand, and fist pump–and fist fight–three times a week.

This week’s edition of Top 10 Tuesday brings you Long Island Books! Yeah, books. We’re pretty sure there’s more books out there than iPads–for now.

The addition of some of these books on the list probably won’t surprise you, but if you need a good book to read as the beach season winds down, then maybe we can help you out.

One famous LI author is featured multiple times, while another book that is read in high schools across the country also makes the Top 10.

And hey, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, we hear Borders has some good deals.

Happy reading!

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