Kreayshawn And Rick Ross Fight (Video) : Kreayshawn Leaks Naked Photos

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Screenshot from MTV VMAs
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Kreayshawn / Screenshot from MTV VMAs

The VMAs were action packed. Chris Brown flew across the stage, Beyonce revealed she was pregnant and Lady Gaga was a man. But one moment of craziness was not planned, although it was just as entertaining.

During a stroll down the black carpet, rapper Rick Ross got into it with Kreayshawn and up and coming rapper from California who was up for a VMA (she lost).

After a few minutes of Ross throwing words at Kreayshawn’s manager, Stretch, she turned around and explained to the viewers, ” Oh my God, VMA wildness, nobody likes Kreayshawn but it’s ok. We all have fun, we all have fun out here but things are getting a little too serious. We just had some jokes.”

During the heated exchange, the petite rapper got nudged but held her ground and said, “No I’m in this, I’m in this,” and, ” I’m hella irritated right now.”

According to MissInfo.tv, the beef started with Kreayshawn’s freestyle on the Cosmic Kev show in which she said,  “you faker than Rick Ross.” She also reportedly insulted him during a live uStream.

During the VMAs, Kreayshawn denied she had meant to start problems with Ross and even told Billboard, “All that gang stuff, I’m not a part of that.”

Kreayshawn managed to stay in the headlines this week as she leaked naked photos through her Twitter account. She later admitted that her Twitter was hacked and that she did not send the photos out and that they were taken when she was underage.

“Oh and they leaked out private photos of me while I was underage. Real nice guys! Spreading child-prono thats cute,” She tweeted. “VMA’s was insane on top of that. Can I sh** man?”

Check out the video of how the VMA tiff went down.

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