Google Celebrates 13th Birthday with Google Doodle

Google Doodle
Google celebrates 13th birthday with doodle
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Google celebrates 13th birthday with doodle

Those born Tuesday are celebrating the day with a very powerful force in the Internet world.

Tuesday marks Google’s 13th birthday—finally making the search engine a teenager. But Google isn’t any teen, the search engine giant influences how people across the globe consume news and search for whatever comes to their mind every second of the day.

Having a debate with your friends and you want to find the facts? Then you will probably be heard saying two words that are repeated all day long: Google it. And that has gone on for more than a decade now.

Google is celebrating its birthday with its own Google Doodle. And unlike some of its interactive doodle’s the search engine makes for other anniversaries, this design is simple.

The festive doodle features a plain white cake with candles sitting on a table surrounded by presents. Party hats rest on three letters of Google’s name, and balloons are floating in the air.

Hover the mouse over the picture and it tells users that Tuesday is Google’s big day.

Marissa Mayer of Google tweeted out a birthday message early Tuesday morning saying, “Happy 13th Birthday, Google!”

On this same day in 2008, Google celebrated its 10th birthday with another simple design with party hats, one present box, and a cake with the number 10 iced onto it.

Google might be young but it has been successful in expanding with Android phones and Android operated tablets. Earlier this year, the search engine created its own social network site, Google +, which just went public earlier this month.

Google has been doodling for years now, and just this weekend they honored Jim Henson, the creator of “The Muppets,” with an interactive doodle.

Some recent doodle’s have honored:

Guitarist Les Paul
“I Love Lucy” star Lucille Ball
Sculptor Constantin Brancusi
Jazz legend Dizzy Gillespie