Nancy Grace Wardobe Malfunction (Video)

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Screenshot of Nancy Grace on “Dancing With The Stars”
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Screenshot of Nancy Grace on "Dancing With The Stars"

Last night on “Dancing With The Stars” one contestant put on a little bit more of a show than the rest.

Nancy Grace was the lucky contestant that shared a similar moment with Janet Jackson circa 2004. During last night’s performance Grace’s right breast popped out of her dress during her performance.

The “Nancy Nipplegate” can be blamed on an extra jumpy performance—She and partner, Tristan Mac Manus hopped around the dance floor during their number.

Following the performance, Grace buried her face in partner Tristan Mac Manus’ chest and embraced him but when she approached the judges table it was evident she hadn’t fixed the problem.

The West Coast got a whole lot of time with Nancy’s nipple while East Coast viewers’s time was cut short—Because of the time lag, instead the camera cut to the audience (although the FCC will most-likely still be investigating the incident).

Many found the incident humorous including the host, Tom Bergeron, who reportedly noted, “On the European version that would be perfectly fine.”

Tonight viewers will watch as a celebrity gets voted off.  Still remaining are Grace, Rob Kardashian, Kristin Cavallari, Chynna Phillips, David Arquette, Elisabetta Canalis, Hope Solo, Carson Kressley, J.R. Martinez, Ricki Lake and Chaz Bono. Last week, Ron Artest, also known as Metta World Peace, became the first celebrity voted off of the show.

Check out the video (video may contain adult content).