Melissa McCarthy SNL (Video)

Picture 1
Screenshot from “Saturday Night Live”
Picture 1
Screenshot from "Saturday Night Live"

It was her first time hosting “Saturday Night Live,” but Melissa McCarthy seemed like a pro.

The Bridesmaids and Mike and Molly star was funny even from her opening monologue.

“I have always been a fan of the show so this is an absolute dream come true,” said McCarthy as she opened the show.

Her humor started from the very beginning, when she wished her children a goodnight.

“I would like to say goodnight to my two kids. Viv and Georgie go to bed now because mama is about to get pretty inappropriate,” said McCarthy, “Seriously Grandma get them out of the room.”

She then put on a dance that no one would believe was her, that’s because it wasn’t, instead it was two professional dancers behind a screen.

During the show, she also played Da Truf, a political poster for “The Comments Section” talk show. The show shared once anonymous commenters on videos and stories, McCarthy played a poster that drops her political two cents on almost anything.

“The comment section is a good outlet for my emotions,” she explained why she comments things like “9/11 is inside job,” on a video of a bride falling into her wedding cake.

She also did a parody of “The Lawrence Welk Show” and a hilarious parody of a Hidden Valley Ranch taste test. Reportedly, McCarthy played her famous Bridesmaids character and competed for a gift certificate for a new line of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing.

One of her funniest roles was Arlene, a creepy office worker. She spent her day hard at work, hitting on Jason Sudeikis (Check out the video).

Looks like a great year for McCarthy, who just took home an Emmy for her role on CBS’s Mike and Molly and Bridesmaids.