Long Island Pumpkin Picking & Gourd Picking in Aquebogue

pumpkin picking on long island

pumpkins1OH. MY. GOURD.

Sorry, we couldn’t pass that one up. Moving on…

Pumpkins are great for carving all sorts of faces, but could they be used in brain surgery? Um, that would be a no.

Back in the day—we’re talking Neolithic times here—gourd skins were used to fix broken skulls during brain surgery. And if you live on Long Island, you’ve probably gone pumpkin picking as Fall rolls in, but we’re guessing you’ve never gone gourd picking.

That’s where Stakey’s Pumpkin Farm comes in. Stakey’s not only has a u-pick pumpkin patch with 18 varieties, but a u-pick gourd patch.

Why pick gourds? Well, this species may be the oldest plant domesticated by humans on Earth. They were originally used as containers and later pottery.

And, besides, they look pretty freaking cool.