Weezer’s Mikey Welsh Dead At 40


Mikey Welsh of Weezer, was found dead in a Chicago hotel room Sunday.

Reportedly, Welsh was supposed to check out of the Raffaello Hotel in Chicago on Saturday but when he didn’t show up, hotel staff became weary and headed to his room. The staff reportedly found him unconscious and not breathing.

Welsh was later pronounced dead but reportedly, there was no indication of foul play.

The Vermont native is best known for playing bass in Weezer from 1998 to 2001. Welsh had been playing in band member, Cuomo’s solo project when he joined the band and played on Weezer’s 2001 Green Album.

Following the album and subsequent tour, Welsh suffered a nervous breakdown and retired from the band and playing music in general. Welsh went on to pursue painting.

“Music is still an important part of my life, but I really have no desire to actually play it,” he once told the Daily News.

This past September, Welsh made a surprise appearance in Vermont and joined his former band onstage for a performance. Welsh had also planned to attend Weezer’s Sunday performance at Riot Fest in Chicago.

A tribute to Welsh on Weezer’s Website reads, “It saddens me and the guys in Weezer so much to say that our beautiful, creative, hilarious and sweet friend Mikey Welsh has passed away at the very young age of 40. A unique talent, a deeply loving friend and father, and a great artist is gone, but we will never forget him. His chapter in the weezer story (’98 – ’01) was vital, essential, wild, and amazing.”

“As sad as it is to think about, we know Mikey would never want the rock stopped on his account – quite the contrary in fact. While we wont see him, we know he will be there rocking out with us!,” read the tribute.

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