Biker Hit By Antelope (Video)

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Screenshot from YouTube video
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Screenshot from YouTube video

Evan van der Spuy got quite the surprise while in South Africa.

Van der Spuy, who’s a Team Jeep South Africa rider, got tossed from his bike after being hit by a red hartebeest, a type of antelope.

The mountain biker was competing in the Time Freight MTB Express at Albert Falls Dam and riding through a field when a red hartebeest came straight for him. The red hartebeest took him right off of his bike and sent him flying into the field.

Luckily, the biker wasn’t seriously injured but was reportedly taken to the hospital with a stiff neck.

The whole thing was caught on tape by Travis Walker, who reportedly captured it on a mounted GoPro camera. Van der Spuy saw the footage after the incident.

“Just saw the footage that put me in hospital with a very stiff neck take my hat off 2 @traviswalkermtb you got some good camera skills man,”  he tweeted.

And at the end of the day, van der Spuy seems to find some humor in the ordeal that has quickly become a YouTube sensation, collecting over 2 million views since hitting the Internet—He warned another Twitter user with a tweet, “next time warn the riders about the Buck as well and not just the rhino because they do damage just as bad.”

Check out the video.