Top Ten Tuesday: Long Island Haunted Houses

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The Darkside Haunted House in Wading River

Another week and another Top 10 list for Long Islanders to talk about.

This week we at the Long Island Press bring you the Top 10 list of Haunted Houses on Long Island. For us, there were so many to choose from, making it nearly impossible to narrow it down to 10.

Long Island hosts an array of frightening haunted houses and naturally it was hard for use to pick only ten, that’s why we enlisted your help. This past week, through our Long Island Press Facebook page, we asked our readers to help us pick ten.

After receiving many helpful suggestions, we were able to narrow it down to ten. Maybe you will be surprised by what haunted house you see on this list, or maybe you were the one who suggested it. Of course, we don’t want to give anything away so check it out!

If you think we missed something feel free to let us know.

-With Sylvester Evans

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