Cop Punches Protester Video

Picture 5
screenshot from YouTube video
Picture 5
screenshot from YouTube video

A video of an Occupy Wall Street protester being allegedly punched in the face by a member of the NYPD went viral and garnered quite the views.

According to reports, on October 14, NYPD Deputy Inspector, Johnny Cardona allegedly took a swing at protester Felix Rivera-Pitre.

The video surfaced on YouTube later and outraged many viewers including the alleged victim, Felix Rivera-Pitre, who according to NY1, took his case to the Manhattan district attorney Monday.

According to NY1, a Manhattan District Attorney looked at the videos.

NYPD officials are reportedly claiming that the protester tried to elbow Cardona.

According to the protester, the officer was ordering him to get on the sidewalk and eventually allegedly through a punch at him. And Rivera-Pitre’s attorney, Ron Kuby said that Rivera-Pitre isn’t the only one. He is reportedly claiming that Cardona attacked other people, and that another video showed Cardona punching another protester.

The protester was part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which is now in its sixth week—The New York demonstrations spawned other demonstrations around the world, including Orlando Florida, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and internationally in Rome, Italy and Australia and Asia.

Earlier this week, the movement was in the headlines again after New York protesters posted in Zuccotti Park lost the generators that had been powering heat, among other things. According to Reuters, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said generators and fuel were confiscated because they were considered a safety hazard and it was not a bid to remove protesters.

Check out the video posted by OperationLeakS.