Trend Alert: Cake Pops

Robert Edward Woodworking for the stand and also Sweet Lauren Cakes for the cakepops.
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Stand by Robert Edward Woodworking and cake pops by Sweet Lauren Cakes.

They come in all shapes and sizes and are popping up everywhere.

Cake Pops have become the new “it” item to have at your upcoming event.  Whether you are planning a wedding, baby shower, or holiday party these little treats are in high demand.

You might see different versions at your local deli or favorite candy spot but cake pops are becoming their own full-time business.  With orders consisting of one per person, and everyone wanting more than one of course, companies are seeing average orders of over 500 pops.

With a variety of flavors to mix and match, how could anyone not agree that this is the perfect dessert to serve your guests?  It’s always hard to pick which flavor of cake you want but now you don’t have to— The pops are about two bites each so feel free to have two to three pops which would equal one slice of cake anyway.

To make your pops really stand out, companies also offer a cake pop display which might replace the always popular candy bar displays at events.  The fun display stands can be made to match your theme with the pops all correlating as well.

My personal favorite is to have the treats served butler style to your guests during the end of the night for a late night sweet hors d’oeuvre.

You can serve them with the sticks up or down, it’s up to you.  Names can be added to personalize and they can also be individually wrapped to give as a favor.  But whichever way you decide to give them, everyone will be excited to receive them.

NY Cake Pops is a popular company based out of Manhattan but services clients all over Long Island for a minimal fee. You can view products, get ideas and place orders all on their site www.nycakepops.com.