FedEx Delivery Man Caught Throwing Computer Monitor

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Picture 42Waiting for your Christmas package? You may want to wait on your front step after seeing this video.

A video showing a FedEx delivery man carelessly tossing a package over a fence and walking away. The problem with this is that the package is a monitor and the man doesn’t even try to ring the bell.

The delivery man is seen unloading a monitor out of his van in Southern California, strolling passed the iron gate and tossing the box over the fence, and walking away.

The recipient later found the monitor and it was, you guessed it, broken. The worst part, he was home at the time “with the front door wide open.”

Luckily, he had a security camera that captured the whole thing, which he later posted to YouTube.

“Here is a video of my monitor being “delivered.” The sad part is that I was home at the time with the front door wide open. All he would have had to do was ring the bell on the gate. Now I have to return my monitor since it is broken,” read the video caption.

If the delivery man was lazy enough to pass up ringing the bell, we doubt he noticed the security camera. Talk about sweet revenge, the delivery man’s careless act was viewed by over 2,700,000 people since it was posted.

According to the New York Post, a FedEx spokeswoman responded to the video saying,  “This is an irresponsible act and it will not be tolerated” and “He will be worked with according to our disciplinary policies.”

“We take pride in the quality of service we provide to millions of customers daily and we will not tolerate any irresponsible act that affects the quality of any item we deliver and the good reputation FedEx is known for worldwide,” she told the New York Post.

No word on whether he will be fired or not.

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