Brandi Glanville: Married


t64rx“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Brandi Glanville is now a wife again.

According to People, Glanville tied the knot in Las Vegas to mixed martial arts manager and friend, Darin Harvey.

The reality star posted a photo to her Twitter with the caption, “It wasn’t planned and we will handle it, but good times!”

She took to Twitter again to say, “I’m married again – suuuuuuck it!” but then revealed that it wasn’t legal posting, “Its not legal! We were just having fun!”

She posted again, “I didn’t mean to offend anyone!” and gave some advice, “I believe everyone shud be able to get married & maybe even embarrass themselves in Vegas ;)”

The 38-year-old was previously married to actor Eddie Cibrian, who left her for singer Leann Rimes. Glanville and Cibrian have two kids together.

Glanville currently stars on the hit Bravo series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” The show follows Kim Richards, Camille Grammar, Taylor Armstrong, Adrienne Maloof, Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump.

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Following the first season, the show introduced two new faces including Glanville. Glanville and businesswoman, Dana Wilkey, according to AOL, are featured as friends, not official “Housewives.”

The season is full of heated moments on screen and off. It seems like off screen, most of the drama takes place including Taylor’s husband Russell committing suicide and Kim Richards entering rehab.

Last season, Kim ended the season with a huge blowout with sister Kyle, the two had a heated exchange of words,that ended with Kyle sharing with the world, her sister’s drinking problem.

“You are a liar, and sick, and alcoholic,” Kyle said. ”You are an alcoholic. Yeah, that’s right. I’ve said it now and everybody knows.”

This season, Richards is still being accused of using and has reportedly headed to rehab. According to AOL, Nassif commented on her condition on a recent episode of ‘The Wendy Williams Show,” saying, ”When you’re on numerous medications for moods, and you combine them all together, and possibly the dosing may be off, it can cause some of those symptoms of the eyes a little glassy, a little bit of slurring of the words, just looking like you’re not completely with it.”

Reportedly, Richards has been released from rehab.