Egypt Soccer Riot (Video)

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Picture 101Over 70 people were reported dead after a bloody riot broke out following a soccer match in Egypt Wednesday, which also left another 248 injured.

The madness started in a Port Said stadium when local team, Al-Masry won 3-1 against a rival team, Al-Ahly. Instead of celebrating with cheers and chants, fans of the local team rushed the field wielding weapons.

The unruly fans reportedly chased fans of the visiting club with knives and clubs while police reportedly did little to stop it. There was also reports that said some fans were seen falling from the stands. Others tried to run out of the stadium through the doors, and found them locked.

Many are blaming the bloodbath on police and saying they fanned the fire by doing nothing to intervene. According to the Associated Press, soccer fans are reportedly accusing police of intentionally letting rivals attack because they have been heavily involved with the protests over the past year against former leader Hosni Mubarak and now the military.

According to the New York Times, police failed to conduct the standard gate searches to prevent fans from bringing weapons.

The police did reportedly do one thing to intervene, but some say it was a controversial move. According to a report on the Huffington Post website, the stadium lights were turned off for a moment and it was reported by one sportscaster that authorities did so to “calm the situation.”

One police officer died during the riot and 14 other officers were injured. According to reports, most of the deaths were attributed to stabs, suffocation and head injuries.

The country has since announced three days of mourning, starting on Thursday.

Check out the video.

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