Taylor Swift ‘Safe and Sound’ Released (Video)

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Picture 61Taylor Swift just took home a Grammy Sunday for her song “Mean” but she’s already released another possible award-winner.

Monday, Swift released the video for “Safe and Sound.”

“Safe and Sound” features the Civil Wars and comes from the “The Hunger Games” soundtrack.

In the new video, the 22-year-old singer walks barefoot through the woods wearing a white vintage dress as the woods behind her are set on fire totally giving off a “The Hunger Games” vibe—In one scene in the “Hunger Games” trailer, Katniss is running through the forest with the trees burning behind her.

The ties between the video and the new movie are even more evident as the video goes on. As MTV reports, the Civil Wars hang out in a dark cabin lit only by the fireplace and when Swift finally reaches the cabin she finds the famous Mockingjay pin.

“The Hunger Games” is set to hit theaters March 23 and a new trailer for the upcoming flick debuted during the recent Super Bowl.

The trailer allowed fans to see more of the announcement ceremony instead of short clips that were revealed during previous teasers. Viewers met Effie Trinket, played by Elizabeth Banks, Primrose Everdeen, played by Willow Shields, and the girl who was on fire herself, Katniss, played by Jennifer Lawrence.

In the beginning the heroine, Katniss, gives her sister, Prim, the now famous mockingjay pin which is a symbol used in all three of Suzanne Collins’ books.

The trailer takes viewers to the Capitol is revealed too, some action from within the actual Hunger Games arena, and also some Peeta, played by Josh Hutcherson.

As we previously reported, the trailer finishes off with a cameo appearance of Lenny Kravitz who plays Cinna, Katniss’ fashion consultant. In the brief second he is shown in the trailer, Cinna places the mockingjay pin on Katniss’ jacket before she enters the games.

Check it out.