Top 10 Tuesday: Great Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men



Valentine’s Day is today and if you’re a lady, you’re probably stumped as to what to get your guy. You’ll need to think quick as the hours run out today, and you’re 8 p.m. dinner date draws near.

Listen, there’s nothing to worry about, it’s almost a fact that men are better gift-givers. Think about it, Santa Claus! They just have that certain knack for getting gifts, or maybe ladies are just better at hinting what they want. Let’s face it, advertisers also help, they point them in the right direction around Valentine’s Day too.

Lucky for you, there’s a ton of cool crap out there that you can wrap up and present to your lover, and get a great response. So if you’re still truly confused as to what you should pick up, we’re here to help.

If he’s a car enthusiast or fashionable fella, we’ve got the perfect present. If he’s an athlete, we’ve got you covered. If he’s a tech nerd, we’ve got you too.  Here are the top 10 choices.

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