Leah Messer Attacked: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Was Jumped

Leah Messer Crying
(Credit: Crushable.com)

Like other “Teen Mom” starlets, the hits keep on coming for teen mom Leah Messer and this time it is literally.

Multiple sources have told TMZ that “Teen Mom 2” starlet Leah Messer was viciously attacked by three women when she was exiting a movie theater in West Virginia this weekend.

Leah, who despite being divorced, engaged for the second time and is the mother of twins is only 19-years-old. The reality star has been telling her friends and family that she was leaving the cinema with her fiance, Jeremy Calvert, Sunday night when an older woman started to follow her and began shouting at her and calling her names, reports TMZ.

According sources who spoke to TMZ, Leah asked for the woman to leave her alone but the woman was relentless. Before Leah had a chance to talk to the woman, two other girls came out of nowhere and began to unleash on Leah, punching and slapping her in the face.

These must have been some strong, angry women, because the sources who spoke to TMZ said that it took the help of Leah’s fiance, and a security guard, to drag the three women off the MTV starlet. The women left the area soon after.

Leah’s face took a beating after the brawl sources told that Leahs’s cheeks were swollen and that she red over her entire face, on her neck and all over her chest.

Leah could not identify any of her three attackers. However, Leah’s mother has reached out to Twitter in an attempt to for Leah’s fans, family and friends to help try and identify the assailants, as reported by TMZ. .

As stated by people who are close to Leah and have knowledge of the assault, Leah is planning to follow up with the attack and file a report with police officers on Tuesday.