Teen Mom Jenelle Evans is ‘Severely Depressed’

Jenelle Evans
(Credit: Poponthepop.com
Jenelle Evans
(Credit: Poponthepop.com

‘Teen Mom 2’ starlet Jenelle Evans cannot seem to get a break. She has revealed through social media, Facebook and Twitter, that she is severely depressed.

On the last episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ viewers got to see Jenelle Evans head off to rehab. The troubled mom of Jace, 2, confronted some of her demons while she was in the rehabilitation facility but is still struggling with them today.

The depression may be a result from quitting smoking marijuana as she claims today that she has not smoked since August and is “stone-cold sober.”

She also seems very proud of herself for enrolling in school and taking classes at Miller Motte Technical College where she plans on using her education for the college towards a job as a medical assistant.

As proven by a mom-and-son photo shoot, Jenelle also appears to be spending more time with adorable Jace.

Her love life seems to be on the right track since she’s finally kicked Kiefer to the curb. She is currently involved in a new, blossoming relationship with boyfriend Gary Head. Jenelle may have found herself a keeper, Head spoiled the reality starlet this year for Valentine’s Day. Jenelle happily tweeted pictures of his lavish gifts: rose petals on the rug, stuffed animals and candy on her bed, and even jewelry, ear gauges and a sapphire-and-diamond pendant.

From the outside it with seem that things are great with Jenelle, but she cannot seem to shake the feelings of sadness and depression.

Earlier Monday night, she divulged online that she’s having a difficult time keeping herself together.

“Severely depressed,” she tweeted, “Nervous breakdown maybe? I cry every 10 mins. Has been happening for 3 days now.”

While Jenelle was in rehab they diagnosed her with bipolar disorder. After Jenelle’s disheartening tweet, a fan inquired about the medications she’s taking. “I’m taking them as prescribed but I’m seeing my psychiatrist tomorrow,” she replied.

Hopefully the medicine and treatment will start to work for her, get well soon Jenelle.