‘Beached Dolphin Pod Rescue’ Goes Viral (Video)

Dolphin Rescue
(Credit: YouTube)
Dolphin Rescue
(Credit: YouTube)

Brazilian beach goers saved a pod of dolphins from becoming beached, as shown in a YouTube video that has over 500,000 views as of March 8.

Not too long ago a video called, “Dana Point Dolphin Stampede” went viral on YouTube which featured a large pod of dolphins following and jumping alongside a boat off the coast of California.

Dolphins are known for being friendly towards humans and boats, but viewers of the “Dana Point Dolphin Stampede” largely felt that the dolphins were afraid. Some felt the dolphins were afraid of the boat because it was in their feeding grounds and others suspecting that the dolphins heightened sense was kicking in and may have been predicting another natural disaster.

In this weeks dolphin video, “Beached Dolphin Pod Rescue” it is unsure why the dolphins got so close to the Brazilian beach. Luckily, a German tourist was able to capture the event on film, where sunbathers jumped in the water to try to save the dolphins’ lives.

At the beginning of the video it just seems like a normal, beautiful beach day, but as the video continues there’s a disturbance in the water. The German tourist who was taking the video never gets a chance to zoom in on the weird disturbance because before there is enough time to try to figure out what it is, the dolphins figures have already arrived close enough to the shore. At first the people on the beach are unsure of what to do, there are wild dolphins flopping about on the shore. But as it becomes apparent that the dolphins have made themselves immobile on the beach, the sunbathers run to their rescue.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen animals acting in a strange way, last year birds were dropping from the sky in mass numbers along with numerous whales who were beaching themselves.

Why do you think the dolphins almost beached themselves?

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