Batman Pulled Over (Video)

Picture 15

Picture 15

Yes, you read the headline right. Now it may not be the real Batman but it sure looks like him, car and all.

In a video that went viral earlier, a man dressed as the famous comic book character is seen being pulled over by cops.

The best part of the video was that Batman hopped out of a black Lamborghini with the license plate “BATMAN.” Guess that’s as close to a Batmobile as he could get.

The entertaining scene was caught on police surveillance when police near Washington, D.C. observed the pricey car wiz by without a proper license plate on March 21. When they pulled the car over, to the cops’ surprise, Batman jumped out of the driver’s seat.

The Batman driver revealed by officials only as “Lenny,” according to VOANews.com, showed cops legal license plates and registration inside his car and after posing for a photo with an officer, he was on his way.

While many imaginations are running wild at the mere thought of what could have made this man dress like the nerdy neighborhood superhero, there was actually a very good reason why he was sporting the costume. According to reports, he was headed to a local hospital to entertain children.

A video of the incident went viral March 30 and has been spreading across the Internet ever since. Check it out.