Santa Monica College Students Pepper Sprayed By Police (Video)

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screenshot via YouTube

Reports of campus police pepper spraying protesting students has outraged many, especially school officials.

Currently college officials are investigating the matter after, according to reports, over 100 students disrupted a Board of Trustees meeting and were met with pepper spray by campus cops.

Tuesday evening, students stormed the meeting because they were upset over a plan to offer more expensive classes.

According to the Santa Monica College newspaper The Corsair, the unhappy students were reacting to a measure that was passed last month and has since gained nationwide attention. It “involves tuition costs rising to $180 per unit for certain high-demand classes,” reads TheCorsairOnline.com.

According to the Santa Monica Patch, police sprayed as many as 30 students after they disrupted the meeting, screaming things like “Shame on you” and “no cuts, no fees, education should be free” at trustees.

Videos of the incident have since gone viral, some showing students holding their eyes and screaming out in pain.

Reports say at least five students were treated by paramedics and two hospitalized. Reportedly, no students were arrested.

Check out the video (via Santa Monica Patch):