Dog Takes Bullet For Owner (Photo)

(Credit: Steve White)
(Credit: Steve White)

A courageous pit bull took a bullet to the head for his owner, as exclusively reported by the New York Post.

The 12-year-old life saving pit bull from Staten Island is known as Kilo. He was shot when a thug entered his owner’s home during a frightening home invasion robbery attempt. Kilo went into attack mode when the attempted robber, who was disguised as a FedEx delivery man, tried to break into the apartment of his owner Justin Becker.

Kilo was able to survive the gun shot to the head when the bullet ricocheted off his skull and exited through his neck.

“This is like, one in a million,” admitted Dr. Greg Panarello to the New York Post. Dr. Panarello is the veterinarian who operated on Kilo. He continued, “He’s very lucky.”

The staff at the hospital were amazed by Kilo, they even put an “S” on his collar standing for “superhero.” Dr. Panarello referred to him as “a really sweet dog.”

The crime occurred around 5 p.m. on April 1 when the “FedEx deliveryman,” who was actually the armed robber, forced his way into a Graniteville apartment.

Becker tried to close the apartment door on the robber, but the faux FedEx delivery man was half in the apartment already. That’s when Kilo lunged at the invader.

“My dog stuck his head out the door, and then [the robber] shot him in the head,” Becker said when talking to the New York Post.

Before Becker was able to get a hold of him, the thug sprinted away.

Even though Becker’s girlfriend didn’t think Kilo would survive the attack, he rushed him to South Shore Animal Hospital in New Dorp.

The employees worked quickly and determined that the bullet never entered Kilo’s skull after giving him an X-ray.

Dr. Panarello says there is no fracture to Kilo’s skull and he also did not suffer and brain damage.

Kilo is home now with pain killers and some anti-biotics.

Even though his vet bill cost Becker $2,200 he said it was worth it since Kilo saved his life.