MTV Upset with ‘Teen Mom’ Breast Implants

Teen Mom
(Credit: MTV)
Teen Mom
(Credit: MTV)

“Teen Mom” and boob jobs, hm.

Chances are you probably try to duck and hide anytime you hear the words “Teen Mom” and “MTV” together, but this time it might be enjoyable.

According to Rador, MTV is not pleased with their teenage mothers. It seems some of the girls are letting down their MTV parents.

Since most of the girls have gotten a little taste of fame and the money that comes along with it, they are starting to dabble in the plastic surgery whirl pool.

Farrah Abrams was the first to get a breast enhancement surgery, followed by Maci Bookout. Now wild child Jenelle Evans’ has gone under the knife making her the third teen mom to become a part of the silicone club, according to sources who exclusively spoke to Star magazine.

A source from MTV spoke to Star magazine and told them that the television network is annoyed with the sexed up image the young mothers are portraying. Apparently MTV thinks that it’s okay for young girls to have babies at a young age, but it’s a very big no-no to get those boobies enhanced.

“MTV has an idea of how they want the girls to come off and big fake boobs isn’t it,” the source says. “They’ve even called the other girls and begged them to hold off on surgery.

“It was one thing when it was just Farrah, but now it’s out of hand.”

It’s confusing to see what the problem is here, especially since MTV loves spin-off series. Can’t you just see it now? First there’s “16 and Pregnant,” then “Teen Mom” and the next spin-off could be “Enhanced Teen Mom.”

I’m sure plenty of viewers would tune in to see their favorite underage mothers going under the knife.

What do you think about MTV’s reality mothers joining the silicone club?