Osama Bin Laden’s Widows in Detention (Video)

Osama Bin Laden's Widows
(Credit: Al Arabiya)
Osama Bin Laden's Widows
(Credit: Al Arabiya)

In footage which was obtained by Al Arabiya television displays the tight security which surrounds the family of the al-Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden, while they serve 45-day sentences for illegally entering the country of Pakistan.

Bin Laden’s children and grandchildren are also serving  45-day sentences for illegally entering Pakistan.

The video has been uploaded to YouTube on April 8 and already has over half a million views.

It shows one of the widows kneeling on a mat and praying from the Koran, while one of his grandchildren delicately places stuffed bunny rabbits into a chair.

The widows, children and grandchildren appear to be held in a basement room.

Although they were married to the most wanted man, the three widows were only convicted of immigration offenses so they may be able to go home next week.

However, Pakistan is being careful of where they place they women when their sentences are finished. They are trying to get rid of the reminder that a the most wanted man in the world lived on Pakistani soil and even fathered several children. They are trying to send the women back to their home countries of Yemen and Saudi Arabia, with the countries’ promise to keep them hidden from the public.

According to The Telegraph, Mohammed Amir Khalil, the family’s lawyer said the women will be home shortly, “Physically they are quite well and are being treated properly,” he said. “Psychologically, of course, then detention is having an effect and it is important they are allowed home soon.”

He is confident that the window’s deportation will be arranged by the end of their sentence on April 18.

“The documents are almost ready for the Yemeni wife. For the Saudi wives there are still some things to be arranged. Saudi Arabia was initially unwilling to take them back but there is some hope,” he said.