Long Island Gas Prices Decline, Slightly (Video)

Gas Prices
(Credit: dreamstime.com)
Gas Prices
(Credit: dreamstime.com)

Believe it or not, gas prices actually went down this week. How’s that for good news? It would probably be better if gas was reduced to $2.75 again but we’ll have to take what we can get.

LIBN.com reported that although the average price for gas on Long Island is $4.12 a gallon, it’s down 1.1 cents per gallon from the previous week.

Gas per gallon is 7.9 cents more expensive than it was last year but 13.1 cents more costly than just last month.

Across the nation gas prices went down a total of 1.7 cents per gallon over the last week and the national average is $3.89 a gallon, as stated by GasBuddy.com. The national average per gallon is 9 cents more than last year and 8 cents more than last month, much closer in range than Long Island’s year to month ratio.

Wish we had prices like that on Long Island? Wish no further. Two Mobile gas stations have their regular gas prices at $3.79 as of Monday, the lowest on the island.

The Mobile stations are located on Middle Country Road in Centereach and 5th Avenue in Bay Shore.

If you’re interested in why the cost of gas is so volatile, take a look at Jed Morey’s “Why Are Gas Prices So High? The Book of Morgan” video.

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